Zero Punctuation: Hatfall Apk v1.0.16

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Zero Punctuation: Hatfall Apk: New game released, Zero Punctuation: Hatfall apk is now available for Download. HATFALL is a high-energy game of skill and hat-wearing born from Zero Punctuation, the hit online video series from The Escapist, created by the man behind ZP, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw. When Yahtzee finds that his hat has gone missing there’s only one option: collect as many hats as you possibly can. Fortunately hats are falling from the sky for no adequately explored reason, ready to be caught by your head. Just make sure you avoid the anvils and refrigerators that are also falling from the sky for no adequately explored reason.

Game specification:

  • Name:   Zero Punctuation: Hatfall
  • Developed by:   Defy Media
  • Category:   Action
  • Version:   1.0.16
  • Released:   July 6, 2015
  • Size:   20M
  • Requirements:   2.3 and up

Download the game from the below given link and enjoy.

apk google play

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