The Guides Apk 1.1

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The Guides Apk: New game released, The Guides apk is now available for Download. Consisting of hundreds of extremely challenging codes, puzzles and interactive ciphers, The Guides is a journey that will challenge your wit, stretch your imagination and test your ingenuity in unique and innovative ways. Simply stated, they’re not easy. Progressing will be difficult, but you have the appropriate tools at your disposal. Everything you need to proceed is — or has been — provided.

Game specification:

  • Name:   The Guides
  • Developed by:   Kevin Bradford
  • Category:   Puzzle
  • Version:   1.1
  • Released:   August 16, 2015
  • Size:   30M
  • Requirements:   2.3.3 and up

Game Features:

  • Currently Two Sections and 50 pages, with all future content updates included free. No In-App Purchases.
  • Meticulously designed interactive puzzles and ciphers with each being more unique than the last.
  • Piece together the fragmented story to reveal the source of the messages.
  • Various game mechanics such as the code interface screen and the title bar to provide added layers of support.
  • Integrated decoding tools — including morse, binary and many more — to assist you on your journey.
  • Ability to save screenshots to keep track of invaluable clues and notes.
  • A distress support system is available if you find yourself stuck, but use sparingly, for your transmissions are limited.
  • New sections currently being designed and developed.

Download the game from the below given link and enjoy.

apk google play

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