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FINAL FANTASY XIII Apk: Final Fantasy series 13th installment, first series, “FINAL FANTASY XIII” appeared! Draw the human beings of the story that Aragau the fate of two of the world of utopia Cocoon floating in the sky and wilderness pulse on the stage! Cool hero speedy Lightning battle, and, please enjoy the magnificent unknown world of adventure!

Game specification:

  • Developed by:   ブロードメディア株式会社
  • Category:   Role Playing
  • Version:   1.0.0
  • Released:   April 9, 2015
  • Size:   4MB
  • Requirements:   2.3 and up

Game Features:

When Encounter in contact with the enemy field battle starts. Battle in the flow of time in real time, the character will act by consuming to go ATB (active time battle) gauge accumulated over time.

  • ATB – active time battle –

The command input for each slot. Or aim a continuous attack, as soon determined to be either aim a powerful attack of players at once consume multiple slot!

  • OPTIMA SYSTEM – Optima system –

Instantly switching the role called different roles, I will Ojiyo to ever-changing tactical situation!

  • SUMMON SYSTEM – Summoned Beast System –

Movement at their own intention, fight servitor us. Its power is further accelerated by the “driving mode”!

Download the game from the below given link and enjoy.

Google play or Download Now

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