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Barking Irons Apk 1.0

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Barking Irons Apk: New game released, Barking Irons Apk is now available for Download. Bullets, bombs and bad breath. A gang of fearsome outlaws has descended upon the county of Barking Irons. With six-shooter in hand, a thirst for justice and a faltering sense of self-preservation; Wes the local lawman charges into battle.

Enter the world of Barking Irons, an endless shooting-gallery set in the Wild West. Pull back the hammer of your very own revolver with our touch-drag-release shooting mechanic. Hone your gun-slinging skills fighting the endless onslaught of oddball outlaws for a taste of the wild frontier. Feel the tension build as the dynamic soundtrack reacts to your victories and your blunders. Challenge your friends and become the sharpest shot in your posse.

Game specification:

  • Name:   Barking Irons
  • Developed by:   Sleepyhead Studios
  • Category:   Arcade
  • Version:   1.0
  • Released:   May 15, 2016
  • Size:   32M
  • Requirements:   4.4 and up

Game Features:

  • Intuitive Shooting Controls – Touch, drag and release to fire your revolver.
  • Infinite game-play – Play until Wes draws his last breath.
  • Dynamic Original Soundtrack – A soundtrack that adapts to your experience.
  • Cast of Deadly Characters – 8 unique enemies to fight your way through.
  • 3 Western Locations – Move through towns, prairies and forests in the county of Barking Irons.
  • Global Leader-boards – Can you become the fastest gun in the West?

More Info:  Google play store

Download the game Barking Irons Apk on your android device for free from the below given link.


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